What is it?

iLock is a new enhancement to your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch that allows you to unlock your device in different ways. Using plugins, iLock lets you replace "slide to unlock" with several other innovative methods (both secure and insecure).

iLock comes with a default "Pattern Lock" plugin that enables you to draw a graphical pattern to unlock, similar to Android devices. Take advantage of iPhone OS-specific features, such as themes, multi-touch patterns, retrace patterns, multiple grid sizes, fun sound effects, and more!

Look for many more iLock plugins from SIC Mobile in the near future, or create your own using our FREE SDK!


  1. Multi-plugin architecture with FREE open source plugin SDK (coming soon) - anyone can make a plugin
  2. All plugins made by SIC Mobile are theme-able with WinterBoard, even sounds
  3. Settings take effect immediately, no respring needed
  4. Compatible with 3rd-party lockscreen software such as Cydget and LockInfo
  5. Pattern Lock (default plugin) - emulates Android's pattern unlock system
  6. Pattern Lock plugin has iPhone OS specific features: multitouch, sounds, vibration, retrace, and up to 5x5 grids
  7. Pattern Lock plugin comes with 3 fun themes: iLock PL Maya, iLock PL Tiles, iLock PL Tech
  8. "Tap to appear" feature allows you to view your lockscreen better when 3rd-party lockscreen software is shown (such as LockInfo)
  9. Integrates with Passcode Lock (both PIN/numeric and alphanumeric types)
  10. Integrates with Emergency Call (iPhone devices only)
  11. Recovery password feature resets your unlock pattern / authentication method in case you forget it
  12. Fully international ready with 15 language translations coming soon
  13. Works on iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch (2.x - 3.x), and possibly iPad??? on iPhone OS versions 3.0 and up
  14. Look for upcoming iLock plugins by SIC Mobile in the near future, including BioLock (Biometric Face Recognition), VoiceprintUnlock, ComboLock and others

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is iLock?
  • Please click on "Info / Features".
  • How much does it cost, and where can I get it?
  • iLock is currently on sale for $1.99, and is available on the Cydia jailbroken app store (click on Download below).
  • Where's the app icon?
  • Like most jailbroken system software, iLock does not have an icon that lives in your SpringBoard (list of apps). To change options and configure iLock's plugins, open the Settings app and click on iLock inside "General". This is also how you start up iLock after first install.
  • What jailbroken software is it compatible with?
  • iLock has been tested with LockCalendar, LockInfo, and various Cydgets. YMMV, but everything should work pretty well together. If you find any issues, please let us know (see contact us page).
  • What is iLock activation for, and how does it work?
  • iLock will attempt to automatically activate itself upon first installation. This process should only take a few seconds. If activation fails for some reason, it will retry automatically and you will NOT be locked out. iLock will also need to reactivate itself if you somehow lose the main preferences file. iLock can only be reactivated a limited amount of times without contacting us. To ensure you don't have to reactivate every time you restore or upgrade to a new firmware, make sure you back up your device with iTunes and restore from that backup. This will guarantee the preferences get retained.
  • What if i'm locked out of my device?
  • If you enter an incorrect pattern (or other plugin's authentication method) 3 times, iLock will prompt you to enter your recovery password. (Make sure to set a memorable password when it asks you!) If you unfortunately can't remember your recovery password, please go here for assistance.
  • I got a popup message saying to email SIC Mobile with my UDID, what is that about?
  • You have attempted to activate iLock more times than is allowed. Please email us (see "contact" page above) and include your device's UDID in the body of the email. To get your UDID, start iTunes with your device connected, click on the device under "DEVICES", and then click on "Serial Number:". Serial Number will change to Identifier and that's the information that we need emailed.
  • What features are coming soon?
  • Look for new iLock plugins from SIC Mobile coming soon, such as BioLock (biometric face recognition for iPhone 4G), VoiceprintLock (biometric voice print), ComboLock, and others...
  • Why does my device have to be jailbroken?
  • Not only would Apple not let an app such as iLock into the App Store, it just simply is not possible to do a system app like this using the official SDK. To jailbreak your device, look up Jailbreaking for iPhone OS on Wikipedia.
  • I'd like to suggest a new feature.
  • Great! Please email us (see "contact" page above).
  • I'd like to make my theme compatible.
  • WinterBoard themes work great with iLock. Please look at the sample PatternLock themes (/Library/Themes/iLock*.theme) that come pre-installed to see how this works. The PatternLock plugin supports a theme settings plist for tweaking the drawing behavior. It's also possible to override some of the text (such as "Tap to iLock") by theming the iLock settings bundle. If you have questions, feel free to contact us (see "contact" page above).
  • I'd like to help translate iLock into my language.
  • Great! Please email us (see "contact" page above).
  • I'd like to make an iLock plugin.
  • Great! The free plugin SDK is not available yet (soon!), but please email us (see "contact" page above) and we'll let you know when it's ready. Please specify that you're interested in the SDK in your email.
  • Is there a trial version?
  • Sorry, no. We're in the process of making a video to show iLock in action. In the mean time, please check out the screen shots to the left.
  • I'd like to report a bug in iLock.
  • That's not a bug, that's a feature! (Just kidding :) ) Please email us (see "contact" page above).
  • Are there any known issues?
  • Currently, there are 2 minor known issues:
    1. Sometimes the iLock UI shows up for an instant after you unlock it
    2. There is an issue with unlocking when using the Nike+ app in workout mode
    These issues will be addressed in the next software update.


iLock requires a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch, and is available on Cydia.

If you're browsing this page on your device, please tap the "Available on Cydia" button below. Otherwise, on your device, open Cydia and search for "iLock" (without the quotes).

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